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The need for a shared KYC utility is undeniable; Experts across the financial services spectrum have been vocal on why it is needed.

The need for a shared KYC utility is undeniable; Experts across the financial services spectrum have been vocal on why it is needed.




Finch’s vision is to provide a universal digital Passport; supported by a shared utility that is available to every approved organization as a means of Know Your Customer and Know Your Business validation. As the Finch Passport is adopted it will dramatically reduce the cost of these key tasks, improve the reliability of results and give our customers easier access to a whole range of services and business opportunities.

We are Finch Global, and we’re building a trusted basis for governing and delivering this service for the UK.


Currently “on-boarding” of customers by regulated service providers is an awkward, lengthy and repetitive process that costs society time, money and reduces competition. A shared utility that supports the creation of a personal Finch Passport that can be used limitless times, to provide validated personal data, overcomes the problems of the current way we work. Building this utility is possible but key challenges must be addressed:

  • – Data gathering and validation
  • – Data ownership and control under GDPR
  • – Ensuring long-term service availability
  • – Creating mass effect

Finch’s founders have used their expertise in technology and of building shared services in the financial services sector, to address these challenges. For example Finch’s business model provides an incentive for those organizations with large customer bases to become advocates for the service, creating mass-effect fast.


Possibly the single most important commodity in the world is personal data. Data has real value and is also the gateway to a world of opportunity.

Personal data held by Finch and used by its business customers and their end-users must be held in such a way that it is protected from all harms and the Finch Passport must remain valid throughout its lifetime.

Finch has developed a governance model that separates the commercial operation of the service from the ownership of personal data and the passports that are created, so that the utility can deliver its value to society for a very long time to come, whatever happens.


If you share our ambition, then Finch Global is keen to work with you.

We are working with institutions, businesses and like-minded individuals to deliver this national service. If you would like to know to more or would like to share your thoughts with us please call Mark Casey on +44 333 772 1815 or email him on